Mario Seggio

Benefit Consultant

Mario joined the EBC team in 2014 as a Benefit Consultant after spending seven years as an Account Manager at Univera Healthcare. In his nine years in the health insurance industry, Mario has provided guidance for employer groups of all sizes.  His smallest clients have had as few as two insured employees while his largest have had over 1,000.  Mario understands that there are multiple components of a comprehensive employee benefit package.  He is proficient in ancillary lines including but not limited to dental, disability, life, and accident insurance.


Mario has earned a Master of Science degree from the University at Buffalo with a concentration in Exercise Physiology. Understanding the correlation between fitness, nutrition, and long term health, Mario recognizes an opportunity to apply his knowledge to the ever changing landscape of the healthcare industry. With the cost of medical care being the fundamental driver of rising health insurance premiums, Mario effectively addresses preventable disease and lifestyle factors as critical parts of the solution to the problem of rising employer health insurance premiums.


For large clients, Mario is committed to combining his logical approach to risk management with his critical evaluation of funding strategy.  Mario works with clients who are widely dispersed across the spectrum of health insurance funding, from community rated to self-funded and everything in between.  Understanding the uniqueness of each client and the pros and cons of each funding strategy, Mario is able to ensure his clients are continuously making proper decisions with their healthcare dollars.

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