We recently hosted a webinar for clients and prospects to review both the law as well as our firm's solution to ensure that not only are you compliant with the law, but you have a solution that supports a strong supportive culture.  

Our solution includes

  • In-person and online training

  • Specialized managerial training to ensure a proper understanding of quid pro quo harassment as well as the managerial responsibility of recognizing and reporting harassment

  • Model harassment prevention employee notice and company policy

  • Employee harassment employee intake and investigatory services


For More Information Regarding Our Harassment Training - Contact a Consultant Today at 716-674-7900

NYS Harassment Mandate


A New Value Added Service To HR Clients

Introducing ThinkHR

We have the know-how you need.

Not sure if you’re doing everything you need to stay compliant and avoid fines?

Need to build an updated handbook?


Looking for the latest on FLSA? 


Struggling to build a new Onboarding training track? 


Need help navigating the complexities of managing your human resource needs? 


The demands increase every day! We understand your struggles and we are committed to innovative and supportive solutions that help you manage your business and not get bogged down by complex compliance concerns or human resource issues. 


We are pleased to introduce to you a new sponsored client service which is sure to save you time and money.  ThinkHR offers a live, a team of HR experts standing by to answer your questions or provide advice. You also have access to ThinkHR Comply, an online resource center for all of your workforce questions and issues, and to ThinkHR Learn, an online training platform to develop employees and help ensure compliance.


View the overview video and brochure which describes the scope of HR topics handled If you are interested in hearing more contact your representative today for additional information or call our frim at 716-674-7900. 

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