It is estimated over 8,000,000 penalties are assessed for late or incorrect federal and state payroll tax payments every year.  At EBC HR & Payroll Solutions, Inc., we will provide you with a comprehensive payroll management system designed to keep your company from becoming a statistic.


Processing your own payroll can be a time consuming, frustrating, and difficult task.  Constant changes in the tax code, software updates, retirement plan administration, worker’s compensation, new hire reporting requirements, and quarterly tax statement filings are just a few examples of an arduous chore that never seems to end.


Outsourcing your payroll processing to EBC HR & Payroll Solutions, Inc. will save you time, money, and eliminate the time-consuming responsibility of payroll administration. At EBC, we provide a comprehensive payroll management solution for employers of small, medium, or large companies.  Our EBC payroll blueprint is designed to systematically improve productivity - allowing you to concentrate on what’s important - growing a successful business.


We guarantee your online payroll needs are met every pay period, every time.

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Time & Labor Management

Simple, Affordable Timekeeping Solution

EBC HR & Payroll Solutions, Inc. offers the Swipeclock™ Time and Attendance Solution, the most user-friendly and affordable way to manage your workforce. The total hours and pay types generated in this system download directly into our payroll software, so not only is Swipeclock™ a great timekeeping system, it saves valuable HR time compiling, transposing, and transmitting payroll data. For many of our customers, the time savings and elimination of employee “time theft” pay for the system.


The SwipeClock™ solution defines practicality in today’s timekeeping industry. Our TimeClock™ is easy to set up – just plug it in and begin punching. It’s also easy to use – simply punch in and out with the push of a button, swipe of a card, through a finger verification scan, or online through your PC.  With PrintReader™, biometric verification can be added to a TimeClock™ unit to eliminate the costly expense of employee “buddy punching.” Finally, our FlexClock™ solution is an additional time tracking device that offers near real-time data transmission with the flexibility of multiple collection methods.


The SwipeClock™ solution was designed with “everyday people” in mind. There is no software to install, and you can simply view, edit, and run reports right through your Web browser. Our web-based server automatically does all the collecting, calculating, processing, and reporting, quickly and accurately.  Our solution can be easily suited to meet your company’s needs, whether it be as simple as “in and out” or more complex with labor distribution and shift differentials. Your company account will be as user friendly or as detailed as is necessary to meet your timekeeping needs.

Simple, Affordable, Comprehensive HRIS All In One Place...

Evolution Advanced HR is a full-featured software-as-a-service (SaaS) HRIS solution that offers a unique combination of employee collaboration and traditional workforce management.  Key features of Evolution Advanced HR include integrated applicant tracking, new hire onboarding, benefits administration, online benefits enrollment, performance reviews, training, Web time and labor management, expense management, and more to help ease workflow for both employees and managers.  Evolution Advanced HR combined with Evolution Payroll comprises the Evolution HCM Suite, an end-to-end single source solution for any human capital management need.


Fully integrated with payroll and timekeeping systems, EBC's Advanced HR is is the cornerstone of the complete Human Capital Management System your organization needs to realize its human capital potential. As a SaaS product, it requires no hardware or software installation.


Worker's Compensation

With pay-as-you-go, you don’t have to make a large, cash-flow-killing down payment up front. You can purchase a policy with little money down, and then pay your premium in smaller amounts spread over the course of the year.

  • No large down payments—you pay your premiums per payroll all year long. There is no half year premium to come up with.

  • Pay for only what you need and use. If you have a slow period in the year and your payroll drops, your insurance premiums go down also.

  • No annual audits to conduct as you have been paying exactly the right amount all year.

  • Less hassle as the payroll reports are sent from EBC directly to the carrier and premium is automatically debited.

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